How to Find the Most Qualified Toronto Painting Contractors

Hiring the Right House Painting-Contractors1

How to Find the Most Qualified Toronto Painting Contractors

Why is so important to find a list of the best house painting contractors? Painting your house may seem like a very simple task that anybody can perform. However, it requires the hand of a skilled and professional house painter to prepare the surfaces prior to the painting your house interior or exterior. When planning to implement a home painting project, it is important to spend some time looking and interviewing a few local painting contractors in Toronto or even the GTA to be able to hire the right contractor. Handyman Painters Toronto, one of the top rated interior and exterior painting contractors in the GTA, describes the important and crucial tips on how to hire an expert house painter as follows;

 Hiring-the Right House Painting-Contractors1

List you expectations about the Painting Company

The first step should be to prepare a list of your requirements together with thecall the local painting contractor in Toronto 236x300 questions to ask the house painters. The typical list will include the colors, the look you want, painting project time frame, and any repairs that may be required and so on. The questions will help in gauging the painting contractor’s knowledge and experience on home improvement. The questions to ask each of the potential home painters in Toronto are;

  • How many years have you been in home renovation business?
  • Are you a licensed painter?
  • Are you insured and bonded? Ask about WSIB too.
  • Do you belong to a local or national painting contractor’s association?
  • Do you have references?
  • Are there written guarantee about the painting job?

A typical answer from the top painting contractor reads, Handyman Painters Toronto:

We are a top painting contractor in Toronto and have been in operation for the last 25 years, licensed and fully insured with the WSIB and bonded professional painters. We have an A+ Better Business Bureau (BBB+) rating and have been rated as one of the Top rated Home Improvement & Toronto Painting contractors on We are ready to give references and also promise to give written 2 years guarantee for our quality work.

Selecting Potential Painting Contractors in Toronto

read reviews on potential painting contractors 300x282

The next step will be to prepare a list of the local qualified painting experts; this could be from reviews on the internet or local magazines, an Internet search, referrals from relatives, friends or coworkers. Limit to the best three or four contractors so as not to waste a lot of time, once identified, contact the paint contractor through email or telephone to request for painting estimates.

 If possible, call the local painting contractor and arrange to see their previous work, ask for the jobs done several years ago and examine the painting’s current status. Ask the contractor for the current ongoing projects so that you can check the expertise of their current team and home painters.

As you discuss with the potential painting contractors in Toronto, be clear on your expectations and ensure that they understand and agree with you, make sure that they will spend time preparing the surface which is one of the major and key requirements for a good painting finish. You should also discuss things like repairs which may be required before the painting is done. Make sure that the contractor is ready to do the required preparation before painting your house or repairs and others that may arise during the operations. We, at Handyman Painters Toronto have a very good record carrying out professional painting jobs in Toronto neighborhoods. When you engage us, we do a thorough preparation of the surface prior to the paining. Some of the preparation tasks carried out by the Handyman Painters’ professionals includes;

  • Sinking nails completely.
  • Scraping old paint off walls.
  • Sanding.
  • Cleaning surfaces and corners of dust.
  • Repairing damaged walls.
  • Filling holes and cracks and many more.

Bidding for your House Painting Quote Estimates

Once you get the three potential candidates meeting your expectations, it is time to ask for the written painting estimates.

The Painting Contractors Quote Estimate should include;

  • Details of the amount and techniques for the surface preparation.
  • Brand, model and quantity of paint and other materials to be used.
  • Numbers coats for the primer and paint.
  • Painting Material costs.
  • Labor costs for the painting project.
  • Start date and expected completion date.

Review and compare the proposals, ask questions if there are clarifications required about the quote. Be careful for very low or high estimates. However, you must be careful not to go for a low estimate and end up with a low quality finish. Confirm if there is room for negotiation and also see if the home painting contractors are willing to wait for the payment for a few days after completion. This will give you time to inspect your house painting and confirm that any touch ups are spotted and done.

Handyman Painters Toronto, being one of the top and established interior and exterior painting contractors in Toronto is there for you and ready to assist you in all your commercial or residential house painting requirements. Please feel free to call us on 647 494 5545 or email .

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