Hiring Condo Apartment Painting Contractor

Hiring Painting Contractor TorontoCondo apartment painting is a project you’re likely to consider if you have just purchased or moved to a new condo apartment, and want customize the colors. The other times that you may want to paint are when you want to give it a fresh look or simply painting to sell. Either way, it can be a confusing and daunting task trying to get a qualified and efficient condo apartment painting contractor who will meet your requirements.

Hiring the Right House Painting Contractors 300x130It is important to have a detailed list of your expectations before you start looking for the contractor. To make it easier for you to plan, we, at Handyman Painters Toronto have prepared a checklist of some of the most important tips to consider when hiring the condo apartment painting contractor. We are one of the leading condo painting contractors and the tips are based on our extensive experience in condo apartment painting.

 Tips for Hiring A Condo Apartment Painting Contractor

Landlord and Homeowners Associations’ Permissioncondo 300x255

The first thing to consider is the regulations in the homeowners association’s by-laws or from the landlord, if you are renting the condo apartment. There are limits on what one can do and only minimum modifications may be allowed. Most of these rules will not allow extensive condo renovations such as major structural changes or alterations of the exterior colors and design. The rules and conditions of a particular association or landlord may differ and you are likely to have various condo guidelines which you must obey. Due to the requirements for conformity, most of the condo values can only be improved in the interiors.

You may also need to obtain the necessary landlord’s permission before hiring the  condo apartment painting contractor and that the local authorities before you start the project.

Prepare a detailed list of your requirements

Have a list of what you want done by your condo apartment painting contractor, the colors and quality, if you want to do the kitchen cabinets, repaint bathroom, install or replace wallpaper and so on. It might be necessary to consult a color consultant in relations to painting your condo apartment. Light colors are ideal for small rooms in that they give a sense of more space as compared to dark colors. A condo apartment looks better when painted with the basic colors, the advanced ones or too many colors may not fit well with the design.

Get Prospective Painting Contractors

Ask for referrals from friends or neighbors, your homeowners association, landlord, online searches for local painting contractors or any other reliable source. Contact the most qualified three and ask to see their previous similar jobs. You may need to check for the older jobs done more than 5 years ago and also the recently finished projects. This will help you gauge the contractor’s quality of work.

Contact the Contractors

Contact the prospective qualified contractors and give them your requirements as you ask for estimates. As you do this, ask similar questions to the three contractors so that you can compare their experiences and qualifications as well as their techniques.

Prepare a list asking about

  • Experiences and references
  • Whether they are Licensed, insured and bonded
  • Whether they have liability insurance
  • Whether they screen their workers for criminal activities
  • Ask on the quality and quantities of materials to be used
  • Duration for the project
  • Whether they will prepare surfaces and repair defects before painting.
  • Whether the contractor is willing give a guarantee in writing.
  • Ask the contractors if they will give you time to analyze the paintwork for about a week before paying the last installment.
  • Numbers of years that they have been in business
  • Whether they belong to any painting contractor’s association.

Hiring the Condo Apartment Painting contractor

Once you get the estimates with the answers, you will be able to pick the best contractor. Be careful with low unrealistic estimates since it might be a sign of low quality job or materials.

As you enter into an agreement with the qualified painting contractor, be sure that they understand all your requirements and if possible have the contract in writing with all these details and other terms included. An efficient condo painting contractor should be able to deliver as agreed. We have done this for so many happy and satisfied customers and you should consider our services to proof it yourself.

We, at Handyman Painters Toronto, have been in the professional painting business for the last 25 years. All our workers are screened and have no criminal records; their details are available on request.

We are licensed, insured and bonded, have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and also rated as a Top Condo Apartment Painting Contractor on Homestar.com.

There are no shortcuts and this is why it is important to spend some time so as not to regret. By coming to us, we guarantee you the best services which we offer in a friendly and professional manner.

We are the best choice for your condo apartment painting project and available to carry out your next project. To get more details and discuss this further, please get in touch with Handyman Painters Toronto professionals by calling us at 647-494-5545 or emailing Brian@PainterPro.ca