Exterior Painting Services

People are always enamoured with what their naked eyes see. As for houses, its external appeal is the primary selling point. Ask a real estate expert and the answer will be unanimous: a home without charm will grow roots before it sells. Thus, highlighting the importance of Toronto exterior painting.

Exterior Painting in Toronto – Breathe Life to Your Property


A property’s exterior paint is the first thing that you see. Remember the time when you bought your house. Weren’t you enchanted by its appeal that you’re ready to sign the papers for the sale the moment you see it? The finish and the overall design seem to blend in one piece of artwork.

Naturally, exterior paint won’t last forever. Being the outer part of the house, exterior finishes get the most abuse brought by weather condition in Toronto. It will get dirty and nasty and can be problematic if you’re planning to sell your home. We at Handyman Painters Toronto extend our professional exterior painting services for any house that require a major yet way cheaper facelift.

Toronto Exterior Residential Painting Services

Our general residential painting services in Toronto will bring out the “wow” factor of your home. Regardless of the general layout and design, our exterior painting expertise will breathe life to your property. Our exterior residential painting services include the following:

  • Aluminum siding painting
  • Brick painting
  • Caulking
  • Staining
  • And many more!

Aluminum Siding Painting

Aluminum siding was at its heyday before vinyl siding entered the market. Nevertheless, external aluminum siding is not an obsolete solution as many properties still have them today. We can restore existing aluminum siding in your home, which is probably plagued with fading finishes brought by age and weather condition. We are here to save you enormous expenses brought by replacing them through repainting.

Exterior Brick Painting

Toronto has a vast number of brick houses to the point that they are considered the city’s landmark. Nonetheless, exterior bricks take a toll due to weathering effects, dramatically affecting their appearance and losing their beguiling effect. Our exterior brick painting services will save these materials from complete destruction and your pocket from expensive brick replacements.

Deck Staining and Fence Staining

Deck and fences have their own charm, but they can be boring without the right finish. Furthermore, exposing wooden decks and fences outdoors without protective coating will transform them to rotting pieces of wood materials. Painter Pro Toronto’s service includes exterior staining service that won’t only spruce their curb appeal, but also act as protective coating from extreme moisture and weather changes in Toronto.

Exterior Wood Repair and Carpentry

Handyman Painters Toronto experts are not your usual run-of-the mill painters. Our knowledge in carpentry allows us to extend our services in accomplishing numerous carpentry projects in Toronto and the GTA. Look no further as we can fix and accent the following woodwork for you:

  • Staircases
  • Window wood
  • Fences
  • Decks
  • Posts and pillars
  • Tudor and wood siding
  • And others!

Driveway and Patio Coloured Concrete Sealing

Concrete on patio and driveways tend to have holes due to the abuse caused by traffic. We’ll clean, seal concrete using as much plaster if necessary to restore its appearance. Improve curb appeal while promoting instant protection on these key parts of your Toronto property.

Pool Basin Painting

Does your pool basin look nasty and seem to have a lining of mold grass beds? Is the problem beyond salvation? Don’t worry as we can paint your in-ground or above-ground pool basin, which will restore its beauty minus expensive tile replacements or pool restoration services.

Power and Pressure Washing

Thorough cleaning is crucial before conducting every exterior painting projects in Toronto. With our high-end equipment and experienced exterior painters, we have extra muscle to clean properties and kill bacteria and molds to its roots before applying paint.

Exterior Caulking – Windows and Doors

Keep weather elements like rain water and moisture outside your home with our external caulking services. We seal gaps in windows and walls to protect home from harsh weather conditions and prevent mould growth brought by moisture.

Curb Appeal for Your Toronto Home

Whether you want to enhance your home’s curb appeal in time for sale or just to have an alluring property, we are here to do the job that you need from colour consultation, cleaning, sealing and exterior painting.

Remember that more people now find the importance of exterior painting for increasing their property’s value, whether residential or commercial properties. Don’t be left behind with the trend! Call us at (416) 494-9095, fill up our free exterior painting quoting form online, or email us at Brian@handytoronto.wpengine.com  to get the project started!