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Attic Repair Services – Are you simply remodeling your attic or it’s already up for some repair or scheduled maintenance?

Don’t fret, our team of certified Toronto handyman experts can handle all attic services with care. Attics are commonplace areas in the home, and more so often, neglected. What most homeowners don’t realize is the great importance it plays in safety.

Badly maintained attics can mean trouble for your roof. Attics are also known to be internal insulators of your entire abode making it crucial for harsh weather extremes such as blistering winter or very hot summer seasons.

Our attic repair and maintenance services experts have always believed that since your attics are such important portions in your house, we only think of the results in a long-term manner to help your finances go down with the right contractor decision. But let’s look at the perks of hiring Toronto Handyman Painters first.

Advantages of Hiring Handyman Painters Toronto for your Attic Repair?

  1. We are fully bonded and insured – for your Toronto property
  2. We are a full-service operation – because we care about your project like you do
  3. Our work has been featured on TV – that’s how good our team is
  4. We are accredited by BBB Canada – member of reputable organization monitoring quality
  5. Our Guarantee Offer lasts 2 years! [more than any handyman contractor in Toronto and the GTA]
  6. We offer flexible payment options – you can pay in full or by installments.
  7. Our painters and carpentry team undergoes full criminal background checks – for your security
  8. We only use top quality products – that are only available to top tradesmen in the area
  9. And our customers just keep on coming!

Some signs that you need repair or maintenance done in your attic:

  • Molding in your attic
  • Extreme temperature highs or lows that are way beyond normal
  • If you have storied houses in Toronto, only upper portions connected to the roof, experience temperature extremes
  • Well, count our services in to help rescue your beloved attics. Here’s our proposal:

    • On-site thorough inspection to validate problems made through inquiry [so we can also give proper crawl space repair cost estimate]
    • Setting up of rules and written agreement
    • Identify which attic repair service is much needed: Attic insulation repair, attic wood repair [our Toronto carpentry services can surely help out!], general upkeep, or electrical concerns.
    • Identify which attic maintenance/remodeling service is immediately needed: flooring installation, attic fan installation, stairs or ladder access, lighting fixtures, doors for safekeeping and more! [We can even help out in painting if preferred through our Toronto painting contractors!]
Attic bypass around furnace vent with fire stop
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If you ever realize how important your attics are you’ll soon consider some of these jobs done to it as soon as possible. Attics provide the necessary and natural air vent systems in many homes. Not giving it the proper attention it deserves will only make health and life hazards such as: damage to property [exterior paint and sidings], perilous weather extremes [super hot or freezing cold], or spikes in your energy bills because the HVAC system works twice as hard due to the wrongly configured attic system in place.

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