Exterior House Brick Painting

Painting Exterior Brick 

From Ontario to Toronto, Canadian homes had always been known to have been greatly influenced by British home-makers. This is the reason why most homes across the country are made of exterior bricks or stone.

Toronto brick houses has been a landmark of its own for hundreds of years. Yorkville and Cabbagetown are just some of those stunning places that best reminds us of this tradition. It has been a popular choice because even if put side by side against competing exterior siding materials, bricks and stones will outlast them all.

But again here we go again with the fact that not even something as sturdy as bricks can withstand the test of time. It may be element-proof but not when it is heavily damaged by weathering. House exterior bricks are also slightly porous so cleaning it up will be troubling if it has not been protected by exterior finishes prior.

Replacing outside bricks isn’t just a bright move after all. The costs can be financially aggravating. Our suggestion for your exterior brick walls: paint it! We have had numerous experience from customers quoting for the same problems. As Toronto brick homes are always popular choices, we give them just one answer every other time: paint exterior brick finishes and we’ll prove the differences.

Why Paint the Towns Brick Homes Instead?

  • If curb appeal is important to you (from the mind of a seller), attractive colour finishes make your brick home shine above the rest.
  • Porous untreated exterior bricks are way more expensive to maintain than painted ones. The cleaning is an upkeep that is also a downside if untreated.
  • As was previously stated, painting it is less hassling and more affordable than choosing to replace your sidings with other materials that wouldn’t last as long as bricks.
  • Installing brick sidings is extremely difficult, repainting them instead of replacing will mask the problems present in weathering to renew your home’s facade in a more convenient manner.
  • Costly repairs is a major let-down for brick homeowners. The right paints can prevent all of these by protecting very old bricks from further weathering and crumbling.
  • As for the porosity of untreated bricks, painted exteriors can help protect it from mould-formation and make the cleaning as easy as power washing.
  • Painted brick exterior sidings attracts less damaging plant outgrowths such as ivies therefore lessening the negative impacts of such scenarios to its aesthetic preservation.

Why Let Handyman Painters Toronto Do the Painting For You?

  • Experience. We are under the direct supervision of Home Painters Toronto, one of the area’s most trusted professional painter companies for the past 25 years. We have received A+ ratings from BBB and consistent 10 stars review ratings from HomeStars.com, directly coming from satisfied customers themselves.
  • Free Colour Consultation -Be it just personal preference or a compelling reason to pick colours for a looming exterior brick painting job, our colour experts can give you the technical advice you need basing on firsthand experience.
  • Beyond Quotes – By calling this number: 647-494-5545 for FREE or emailing Brian@PainterPro.ca, rest assured we’ll also offer industry advice on all aspects of your exterior brickhouse painting project.

Will You Have Other Service Alternatives?

Apparently, painting brick exteriors isn’t the only choice you may have. Some homeowners may also try out staining. Curb appeal can also be enhanced by not focusing much on bricks per se but rather, other parts of the exteriors such as shudders, landscaping, shutter doors, and even awnings!

Some word of advice from our experts regarding colour palette for your exterior brick painting in Toronto:

  • Sidings aren’t the only parts of your home’s exterior that will need some freshening up, accent colours to cover up other details such as window casings, shutters, garages and even architectural detailing can mean a great deal in the overall curb appeal of a home after every project.
  • It is nice to know which colours goes best for what colours and how can your preferred palettes match up with actual effective colour scheme combinations. It takes an expert’s eye to determine all this. The same is true for application procedure and the finishing touches. Don’t just let any company do it for you.
  • Handyman Painters Toronto will not just offer you perspectives-changing advice, we’d also do our best to satisfy your painting requirements and clean up the mess afterwards so all you have to worry next is when to invite friends and colleagues to celebrate your new home’s reinvented facade.

Call us now and give our services a try. You won’t regret it.

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