Painting Aluminium Siding

 Painting Aluminium Siding Service in Toronto and the GTA

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Aluminium Siding was the craze decades ago. It has just replaced clapboard and wood shingle finishes back in the 50′s. It was perfect for newly built Toronto homes wanting to have that sturdy appeal not just in appearance but also in actual use. If your house in Toronto or the GTA was built prior to the 70′s, give it a look.

Vinyl siding has almost totally replaced aluminium exterior finishes after the 70′s. Main reason: it is more affordable and long-term maintenance is low. The cycle has repeated.

So is your exterior home made from aluminium or vinyl finishes? If you say aluminium, there is a great chance that it has not been renovated, nor repainted for the last couple of years.

Some homeowners in Toronto may have already lost the art of doing this on their own. Largely in part because aluminium is not the in-thing anymore these days. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make your house exterior siding look great despite its age.

Repair Exterior Aluminium Sidings or Repaint?

Aluminium sidings can withstand the elements, yes. It has been built and marketed that way. It has fulfilled that promise for years. But this doesn’t mean that it stays like that forever. The most common damages that homes with aluminium siding in Toronto encounter are scratches, dents, fading, and chalking.

You will just feel that the once majestic home is now run-down old and is continuously ageing. That’s bad news if you are intending to sell it later on. What choices you have? Reparation. That’s a given. You can repair the aluminium siding dents, remove the whole exterior siding altogether, repair damaged corner caps, sand it to give it a more edgy appeal and end up spending thousands of dollars for it.

Worth it? We don’t think so. You can spend your money in something else more intuitive. Instead of replacing everything which is not just more time-consuming and pricey, repaints done by a experienced exterior house painters in Toronto and the GTA is more assuring and less expensive.

Painting the exterior of the house and specifically painting aluminium siding has always been a well-known alternative to repairs. It does magic in a lot of ways.

The Magic of Repainting Aluminium Siding

Protection – You know very well that homes with aluminium siding in Toronto are very old. It would help homeowners residing at a house installed with one if their exteriors can protect them still for years to come. We repaint to not just repair the caulkings from years of damage, we can also protect it from the sun’s damaging rays to extend its life.

Investment Improvement – No matter what you call that run-down house in Toronto, it was still an investment then and now. Why not improve the exterior of this property to increase its curb appeal? Toronto home-sellers must understand that well-maintained homes ( such as well painted aluminium siding) can be determined starting from exteriors. First impressions last so don’t waste it for potential buyers and realtors.

Save Money – Who doesn’t want to? Kidding aside, our professional aluminium siding repainting services in Toronto are done with even the most miniscule of details on your house siding touched and explored. While we do the exterior painting job, you can just sit, supervise when you want, and wait ’til we’re done with your specifications. That’s cheaper than finding new materials to replace your dilapidated aluminium sidings.

Planning a DIY Aluminium Siding? | Tips below

Cleanliness is priority

no repainting job is done without prior exhaustive cleaning and preparing sessions. Any mildews or chalking must be removed beforehand. Siding cleaners made for aluminium materials and also aluminium siding tools are always available at home improvement stores (like Home Depot) in your locality in Toronto. The whole process can even become more convenient if you rent a pressure washer.

You can check out this before and after gallery we have prepared for you over at Pinterest to inspire you.

Scraping plus sanding

as you go about cleaning this next step must be done to remove old damaged paints from your aluminium siding, especially the nasty peeled ones. Priming happens in this stage too so give it the best shot on the best paints.

(We have a wide array of high quality paints from Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams and Behr you can choose from; ask our staff to know more.)

Colour selection

In choosing the perfect paint, aluminium siding colors are also part of the process. Depending on preference and expert’s eye, you can tell us what hue suits your imagination while we provide you the latter half of the equation.

Our colour experts provide free exterior painting colour consultations to clear this mess before the actual aluminium siding painting happens.