Exterior Caulking Windows and Doors

Caulking Windows and Doors Services in Toronto

Caulking Windowa and Doors – We as Torontonians, know all too well how harsh the weather can get. With last year’s ice storm and this year’s chilling extreme cold alerts, exterior caulking of your windows and doors are very good things to do to help keep your warm heat in and the cold air out. Caulking windows and doors will save money on your utility bill too! Caulking these areas around your home will also benefit you if you are considering painting your home’s exterior once the season improves. Remember, that you don’t necessarily have to wait until spring arrives to paint the inside of your home, but whenever you are considering painting the outside of your house, you should also realize that caulking windows and doors plays an important role so the process can go smoothly as possible.

Why you should consider exterior caulking windows and doors

These are some key reasons why you should consider exterior caulking windows and doors if you are going to be doing an outdoor renovation:

  • Caulking seals the cracks and gaps between the windows and doors from the wall. You may not even realize the small cracks that are letting so much cool air in.
  • You should seal up the doors and windows of your home so you can prevent any potential water from seeping into the inside of your house or into the walls.
  • To keep up with regular maintenance, exterior caulking windows and doors process can be done even if you don’t have any visible cracks. Caulking will prevent cracks from occurring and this practice is a good method of Toronto home maintenance to save you optimal money.
  • Moisture and mold can build up and when you caulk around the windows and doors you will be preventing this nasty occurrence so it does not turn into something health threatening in the future, if left unattended for too long.
  • Keep more of your money in your wallet. Leaving cracks unsealed can result in further damage to your home in the future. Unfortunately, Handyman Painters Toronto gets these types of calls when much more work is needed to fix the problem than a simple solution of sealing and caulking windows and doors. Don’t let this become a problem for you.
  • Caulking will indefinitely save you money when it comes to heating and cooling of your home. When using the air conditioner in the summer, preventing the cool air from inside your home from slipping out will allow your air conditioner to work properly, and this will save you money. Don’t let the cool air escape because just like air escapes, your money will escape out from your wallet!
  • Protect your investment, which is your home.
  • Caulking will also make your home look better than those cracks do.

Caulking is not only for sealing doors and windows, it is also used for roof flashing, concrete slabs, vinyl siding and trim, aluminium siding and trim, etc. Handyman Painters Toronto strongly recommends the following caulking brands: Dap, Dow Coming, Mono and Dymeric are all excellent choices. These are the same brands that we use when we do these jobs. These brands are both affordable and provide quality as well as efficiency.

Here are some ways you can caulk around your own home:

  • Remove any existing caulking by carefully chiseling it out.
  • Fill in the gap with foam installation and use a bead of higher quality caulking (as recommended above) to seal over any gaps.
  • Fill any existing gaps with higher quality caulking such as; Mono or Dap brands.
  • Clean away loose debris and remove old caulking if it is brittle.


Both options will provide efficiency, but the second alternative is a less expensive way to get thecaulking windows and doors job done. Handyman Painters Toronto knows that budget and quality are two things that shouldn’t be compromised, that is why Handyman Painters Toronto offers you the best services with the most affordable options. We are on standby in case you need help with this! Handyman Painters Toronto is expecting your call today! Call 647-494-5455 for your FREE quote for your caulking windows and doors project!