Interior / Exterior Door Installation Services

Your door is the pathway to your home’s interior, a welcoming sight to guests and the only passageway out into the exterior. With such important function, why would you not give it much attention and care?

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At Handyman Painters Toronto, we value your door’s importance whether it be at your garage, your interiors or your pets, our team of expert door handlers can take away the hassle from you. Let’s first examine the scenarios you may be experiencing right now.

  • Cracked doors bring hazards to family members especially small children.
  • You have a new home that needs new exterior or interior doors.
  • An old door just don’t seem fit and equipped for your renovations that you decide to replace it with something more sturdy.
  • Doors that don’t fit perfectly and takes great effort just to swing open and close enervates you at the slightest movement.
  • Chipped, un-maintained and dilapidated doors may remind visitors and would be buyers of your zero care for maintenance.

If these are things you want to keep involving yourself with, we ask: is it worth the damage and vulnerability?

Interior Door Installation

You could be needing door installation, repair or maintenance services (More on these services later on), and have different circumstances in life but we got one answer to your many needs: our high-quality handyman services within Toronto and the GTA, unmatched in years of service, online homestar ratings, insurance, occupational safety of workers, and legally binding contractual agreements to help protect your property and your financial investments.

We offer all types of door installation services with products such as sliding glass doorswooden doorsstorm doors (our painting line services can even handle the door painting for you without needing to contact another contractor)

Our all in one Door Installation, Repair and Maintenance service comes in threes:

Door repair – this is ideal for homeowners who are busy juggling work and family time that looking into repairs is an add-on task that you can’t constantly monitor. With expertise of almost 25 years, our company is born and bred within Toronto so we know the ins and outs of every home and the industry so caring for individual needs while we look at the bigger picture of completion for your home and doors’ repairs is already second nature.

Door installation – typically done for new homes or huge renovations where homeowners need new sets of exterior or interior doors to fit into the project’s new theme. With our professional consultants, we can even give you sound advice if your door just needs repair due to maintenance issues or you really need a new door installation as per your preferences. We will never work against your wishes! Our consultants will also truthfully advise you into picking the right measurements, quality, materials and components needed for your door installation or repair – we’ll act like your middleman so you won’t get ripped by anyone wanting to take advantage of homeowners who know less about doors than we do.

Door maintenance – the hardest part of it all, is forgetting about the beauty and function that every door has. It’s just a very boring, natural, and commonplace fixture that most housemates don’t get to appreciate it much. A door is your bar to harm’s way and ups your home’s security when you’re away. Having doors broken because of zero maintenance can add to your home’s security vulnerabilities. Faults to check are in relation to weather as we experience weather extremes in these parts.

The best thing about our business? Even if you are not yet ready to contact us for our handyman and painting services, you can still get a hang of our tips and advice at our handyman blog!

If you’re still not convinced, then call our 24/7 hotline 647. 494. 5545 or email to have a free door installation or door repair cost estimate

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