Kitchen Cabinet Staining, Repainting, Refacing

Kitchen Cabinet Staining – If you’re thinking of giving your kitchen cabinets a makeover by either painting, staining or refacing then you’ve just found the best place to hire the best professional handyman in the Toronto and the GTA.

Here’s just some of the reasons why our kitchen cabinet staining team rocks:

  • We have 25 years of experience
  • Thousands of satisfied clients throughout the years
  • Two years quality guarantee
  • 5 million General Liability Insurance and
  • Fully bonded professionals with complete criminal background checks
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Importance of Kitchen Cabinet Staining or Repainting

Kitchen cabinets are such important fixtures in your kitchen because it organizes things from silverware to plates, and chinaware. Aside from cooking equipment, it can also serve as storage for food items, and dishes for table services.

And you don’t just see them at households but also in leading restaurants throughout Toronto. Modern kitchen designs often are more ergonomic which combines form and function.

Kitchen spaces now tend to focus more on many drawers and doors for extra ideal space. Subspace is also extended and geared to accommodate not just appliances but also countertops and tables to give more working area while doing all the food preparation. Ergonomic designs are ideal for commercial establishments wishing to produce more cooked goods in the most efficient way possible.

Why Not DIY your Kitchen Cabinet Staining?

As kitchen cabinets are central fixtures, your kitchens shouldn’t miss whether it be for residential or industrial purposes, doing it yourself without experience can sometimes be disastrous.

Kitchen cabinets as one of the most used items in the place can make it look worn out in all the years of service. Luckily refurbishing it even without prior knowledge is easily attainable by hiring an experienced team of professionals to handle it for you.

When you outsource the need to stain or repaint your cabinetry you don’t need to keep track of finding the right materials [which many do it yourselfers find hard to source and mostly come up with not so budget-friendly options], no need to keep track of small hardware such as screws or fasteners; no need to worry about time spent while doing all these fix, and no more worrying about cleanups afterward.

Everything’s taken care of by a professional team who has done hundreds of other cabinetry related staining, and refurbishing for years.

The Overall Process In Every Kitchen Cabinet Job

We at Handyman Painters Toronto will always begin with a free consultation through our website’s free quote online system.

All we need is your email, name, phone [so we can call you back with our detailed quotes] and your comments that should contain your very specific request so we can tailor-fit the pricing to your needs. Once everything’s set, we’ll visit your place and do some inspection so we can get a hold of the real situation and if ever give advice on what type of job your cabinet really needs.

Some households immediately resort to refacing when refurbishing can still be done and that would cost more on your part. Refacing is like saying replacing everything from materials to actual look of your kitchen cabinets. As honest traders in the business for almost three decades, our team will tell you know just the right service that you’ll need.

Next up, we will sign written agreements from warranty to liability insurance to give you peace of mind that even in the midst of mishap, our team can still be best dependable. We will never begin any job without these documents.

In your quote and agreement, aside from price, you’ll also find estimated time of completion for such a project so we will never waste your time right from buying the materials

For cabinet refurbishing, we usually offer painting and kitchen cabinet staining services using high quality materials and eco-friendly products. We start by cleaning the surfaces for any accumulated dirt usually from cooking oil, and always remove the cabinet doors for more efficient results. We will use the recommended materials for refurbishing depending on your cabinet’s raw material such as wood.

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Kitchen Cabinet refacing is a tougher choice and mostly, only professionals do these types of job because it’s tedious and large-scale, like building something from scratch.

But with a professional team, instead of doing it for months on your own, you can achieve the look you want in mere days with little to no disruption to your day to day kitchen activities. Our consultants will attend to your needs, specifications, and will handle measurements right after a quote has been made. Huge portion of time is needed for sourcing the materials and as we have consultants and professional technicians, we can bring only the best materials according to your preferences, or budgetary constraints. Installation is done once all materials are ready for pick-up and will leave your premises not just with something new but cleaner than what it looked like before we arrived.

Kitchen cabinet refurbishing or refacing is great for new or old homes alike, even commercial establishments wishing to add more personality and style to their kitchen fixtures.

For Thanksgiving or the coming holidays, give your kitchen cabinets some love and show your family and customers that only a beautiful ergonomic kitchen creates their favorite dishes. Call us now for free consultations via online quotations and we’ll pick it up there. The number is 647 494 5545. You can also ask your free kitchen cabinet staining cost estimate by sending an email to