Why let Handyman Painters Toronto handle your drywall repair?

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Drywall Repair Services – Most homeowners within Toronto and the GTA focus on making a living and providing for their families that they oftentimes tend to overlook other essential things that are just at the confines of their own house.

One of those is drywall issues. With its prevalence in most modern homes after it replaced the traditional lath and plaster to make interior walls and/or ceilings, many homes within the community has long since forgotten to maintain these areas since it’s just there and it looks good even without any touch up.

 That’s the major off point! Our expert team of drywall repairmen are well equipped to tell you the difference between drywalls needing repair or not. You can even look at it on your own, here’s how:

  • Most copper wiring are located within these shallow walls or ceiling drywall to facilitate overall delivery of electricity for the home’s equipment but if you see corrosion or blackening then there is something to worry about.
  • Drywall can be prone to chipping even if it’s durable. Check if it has some.
  • Ceiling drywalls are also prone to breaking apart after use, if you see cracks or openings then this is a serious case for drywall replacement or repair, call us right away!

Why you need our help to repair drywall?

A trip to your local friendly hardware store might be of help but if you don’t know the tools, and materials to get you starting, you may have a hard time looking around. With our expertise working on home after home, we know exactly what to buy, and where to buy it – we even get price discounts because we buy drywall sheets in bulk.

And given that you’re so busy providing for your family, our drywall repair team can free up your time so the hassle is taken away right at the canvassing and buying of materials up to the actual planning and execution of the drywall repairs. We won’t take you away out of the equation either as you can always provide your input in the planning stage and have a look or say at the actual development stage. After all, it’s your abode that we work with.

Our years of professional experience in complete drywall repair and installation services will also lessen mistakes or botches done while doing actual drywall repair or drywall installation services at your home in Toronto and the GTA. More precision equals lesser expenses for your maintenance needs in the long run.

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Why Install Drywall?

If your home is up more than 5 decades ago, then this should have had plaster instead of gypsum-drywall. That’s a certain case for cause as houses without drywalls are more prone to the harsh effects of the elements.

Drywalls are usually fire and water-resistant making it ideal even if you experience any flooding (or wet basement) or mishaps over the kitchen. As with plaster, our team says it all – drywall repair and installing drywall is our expertise and though we have tried replacing and repairing plasters before, nothing compares to the more delicate but easier take we have when dealing with drywalls.

Which means you get better prices because of the simpler process. It’s apparently also easier to paint, more durable and costs less than plaster.

If we can’t convince you with enough words, then let these images of recently concluded drywall repair and installation projects amaze you with real results from real homeowners (some of them might even be your neighbors!)

If you want free drywall repairdrywall installation or drywall replacement cost estimates, simply pick up your phone and dial 647.494. 5545 (Our 24 hour hotline) or email us at Brian@Painterpro.ca. As a professional drywall services company, We will be happy to take away the hassle on your handyman services and drywall repairs anywhere in Toronto & the GTA.