Commercial Painting Services – Impression is king when it comes to businesses. And for commercial establishments, beautifully painted offices and stores can attract more customers before any of their services or products can catch attention. You, as a consumer, understand this. The last thing you want to do is to enter a commercial property with nasty appearance due to the lack of maintenance. Here at Handyman Painters Toronto, We fully understand commercial establishments’ need to impress, so we extend commercial painting for different types of businesses.

Toronto Commercial Painting – Alluring Paint Job that Drives Profit

Painterinerior2For more than two decades, Handyman Painters Toronto and Home Painters Toronto have impressed residential property owners with our high calibre interior and exterior painting services in Toronto and the GTA. Establishing our brand resulted to service expansion that allows us now to offer commercial painting to businesses of any size. If you own or manage a commercial building in Toronto and the GTA, you must know about commercial painting and benefits that accompany the procedure.

Why Do Commercial Painting?

Before jumping to any service or solution, it is vital to know first about what you’ll get from them. It is natural for entrepreneurs to do so and understandable. You want to ensure that every product or service invested will contain cost while maximizing profitability and return of investments. Your commercial properties need commercial painting if your goals include the following:

  • Curbing up the property – Whether you want to promote productivity, attract customers through qualityPainterinerior3 paint job, or sell the building, commercial painting will curb your commercial space’s appeal.
  • Getting rid of graffiti – A property’s wall is another person’s canvas. Deal with graffitis that decrease your shop’s charm with our painting service.
  • Fix and paint any surface – Wall cracks? Air bubbles? Peeling paint? We’ll fix and paint any surface in your business facility with our expertise and high calibre paint.
  • Paint according to standards – Several sites like facilities, daycare centres and dental offices need to paint according to set standards that promote cleanliness and safety. We are knowledgeable of these standards that will guarantee continuous operations.

Our Toronto Commercial Painting  Service Features

Handyman Painters Toronto worked with numerous commercial establishments in Toronto and the GTA. Our commercial painting service include the following features:

  • Professionals doing the job
  • Use of low-VOC paints
  • Commercial-grade paint jobs
  • Paint jobs without affecting normal business operations
  • Flexible work time
  • Consultation services

Establishments We Serve

Our commercial clients challenge different industries like the following:

  • Business Industry – Offices and other centres
  • Medical and Health Care Industry – Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes
  • Real Estate Industry – Apartments, condominiums, townhouses, residential complexes
  • Academic Field – Schools, universities, daycare centres
  • Food Industry – Restaurants, food chains, food production centres
  • Hotel and Travel Industry – Hotels, inns and other accommodation types
  • Entertainment and Sports Industry – Entertainment venues, gyms, arenas and stadiums
  • Retail Industry – Retail stores, shopping centres
  • Manufacturing Industry – Factories

Prominent Brands Where We Worked

Many local businesses made us their first choice in getting commercial painting services. However, we also have several top brands who worked with us in our back pockets like the following:

  • McDonalds,
  • Future Shop/Best Buy
  • TD Canada Trust
  • United Steels

Our exceptional commercial building painting is a great investment for every entrepreneur. Boost your market competitiveness by having a commercial space that can aid in driving profit to your business. Call us at (647) 494-5545, fill up our free quoting form online, or email us at to finally curb your establishment’s appeal!