Exterior Residential Painting

Exterior Residential Painting

How important is the appearance of Exterior residential house? Our culture puts on a high premium on appearance. The same is true even for inanimate objects like houses or large edifices. This premium is good if you are intending to make your residential spaces look more alluring to the eyes of possible buyers or just plain bystanders.

Any property’s exterior facade becomes it primary selling point. That’s fact. Inexplicably, if you are its owner, you’d want to bolster up the idea that your property is the best there is.

You’d want someone say upon first glance on your home that “hey, I want to buy this house because it looks so well-maintained.” Perhaps have clients say “this place is so alluring at first look, I bet its owners are very caring.” Or you just care much about your home that you want to give it the royal renovation treatment.

Most exterior residential painting jobs we’ve done approached us for three major reasons: 1) To spice up their homes so it won’t look worn 2) Make it appealing for sale day and 3) Spruce up newly purchased houses. Although residential exterior painting still fades over time there’s a solution.

Handy Painter Pro Toronto has all those solutions to these scenarios. Our more than 25 years of expertise serving Toronto and the GTA with our exterior residential painting services can attest to that.

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We have seen residential establishments rise and shine with more open views and sales calls just by doing this crucial residential painting job nicely. Our team of professionals can also prepare your exteriors against the harsh elements. We’d also love to give it the magical touch to make it look like brand new for years to come!

Gear up for our services, you might want to call us later to give it a try.

Toronto Exterior Residential Painting Services

Power and Pressure Washing

Cleaning up any unwanted dirt on surfaces where repairs and painting jobs happen is important before exterior residential painting happens. We’ll ensure this is not overlooked.

Aluminium Siding Painting

If your house is a little bit traditional that it contains aluminium more than the vinyl sidings, we can still install or repaint siding for you. We’ve seen and done it before.

Driveway and Patio Colored Concrete Sealing

This will help increase the curb appeal of your residence. You’ll even wonder why there are more cars queueing outside just to get a taste of how marvellous your place is. This is also great for renovations.

Exterior Wood Repair and Carpentry

Our carpentry knowledge has produced the best results for wood furniture and fixtures such as staircases, decks, fences, pillars or wood windows.

Exterior Brick House Painting

External Brick is one of the toughest surfaces to paint on but Toronto’s residential units contain lots of it. If your home has this one in place, we’ll ease that worry in your face and your pocket.

Pool Basin Painting

If you’re already thinking about tile replacement or pool restoration to save your home pool from all the mouldings, wait up! Our exterior residential painting services can be the key to its affordable salvation!

More services that our regular and new customers enquire about: deck staining, exterior caulking for windows and doors and fence painting. Do you think you need any of these exterior residential services for your house or that there is something else you have in mind we didn’t mention. Don’t waste any more time, pick that phone and give us a ring! You can reach us via this hotline: (416) 494-9095.

MORE reasons to convince you about painting the exterior of your house

Protect Huge Investment – Exterior house painting helps keep your home ready for harsh winters or dry summers. It even protects it from age!

Save in the Long Run – Do not falter when seeing cracks or any peeling in your house’s exterior paint. It’s better to fix it right away than feel sorry later. You also save in overhaul repairs in the long run.

Home’s General Value – That is, your home’s general curb appeal is boosted if it looks nice with top quality exterior paints. You’d get interested buyers in no time.

Exterior Residential Painting – Before and After Gallery

Images paint a thousand words without the actual need for words. We’ll let the same thing do another round of convincing for you.

Call Handy Painter Pro Toronto today and let’s start talking about your preferences. The number’s (416) 494-9095. Our online forms and email address is also accommodating new exterior residential painting enquiries every minute. Give it a try here: brian@homepainterstoronto.com. We’d love to give your home the majestic painting touch it deserves!