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Handyman Painters Toronto – The Humble Path to Excellence

About Home Painters Toronto

For more than two decades, Home Painters Toronto has maintained its reputable name under the management of its owner and founder, Brian Young, whose philosophy inspired the company’s establishment. His mission is to extend high caliber home paint job with superb customer service at reasonable prices clients will find thrifty, all considering the outcome. The premier Toronto-based painting contractor takes pride in its products and services by offering two year guarantee of quality for all interior painting or exterior, residential or commercial painting jobs. Brian’s expertise as a contractor is a product of his 25 years of experience and complete dedication and passion to intricate workmanship. Pairing expertise with positive attitude and a team of professional painters in Toronto sharing his mission results to strong piece of work at all times.

Brian is honest enough to admit that reaching Handyman Painters Toronto’s current status in the industry is not a walk in the park. The amount of hard work and dedication was immeasurable. Nevertheless, he is greatly satisfied and proud of his work and achievements. His satisfaction lies on getting paid to change someone’s life by retouching and beautifying their prized possession – their home.

Handyman Painters Toronto’s History

Handyman Painters Toronto traces its history back in 1987 when Brian was still studying economics at York University in Toronto. During that time, he has no idea that he will be going down the painting industry path. Little did he know that sheer coincidence will bring him to his current line of business. A friend whom he met during his freshman year in college ran a successful summer student painting business in Toronto and the GTA. He strongly recommended and convinced Brian to try the venture himself.

Since it was his dream to have his own business ever since he was a child, he saw this recommendation as an amazing opportunity of a lifetime. For him, it was an opportunity to make some money for his education and make his childhood dream a reality. After some time of introspection, Brian gained enough confidence to start his own student  and Toronto college painter pro franchise in summer.

After graduating from the university, he experienced firsthand the cut-throat and scarce job market despite bearing a Bachelors degree in Economics in 1991. Fortunately, he gained hands-on expertise during his time running his summer business venture. He followed the path towards being a Toronto professional painting contractor and the rest is history.

Handyman Painters Toronto has a unique history, but the company’s services are the reason why it is now an esteemed painting company in the city. Its reputation didn’t escape media as the company has been featured in numerous television shows like Breakfast Television CP24 with Jennifer Valentyne and Frankie Flowers.

In addition to providing professional painting, Handyman Painters Toronto also gives back to the community by participating in several charity work. It is an ironclad tradition for the company to donate percentage of their sales to The Toronto Humane Society and Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada. Recently, it also participated in The Sunshine Foundation, Dreams for Kids.

If you are in need of brilliant paint jobs in Toronto at prices that won’t burn your pocket, call Handyman Painters Toronto at (647) 609 -0413or fill up our free online quoting form. You can also send us an email at Brian@PainterPro.ca to get your project started!