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Interior painting can make a big difference in your property. Through a quality paint job, your property goes from a mere structure to a place with wow factor! It will become a setting for relaxation, play, productive work or even bonding moments with colleagues and family members.

Even realtors understand the importance of interiors painting in boosting their sales. To meet today’s property owners’ demand, we at Handyman Painters Toronto extend indoor painting for your residential or commercial needs.

Interior Painting Services in Toronto

Have you ever dreamed of lounging inside your house and savouring the comfort you feel while relaxing? Most of the time, this feeling of comfort is not just because you have a luxurious sofa, a king-sized bed, or modern-age bathroom solutions. Indoor painting also plays a vital role in promoting a space conducive for relaxation after that long day of work or stressful day at school. Whether you have an apartment or a condominium unit, you can take advantage of high calibre interior paint jobs to transform your property into a cozy sanctuary.

Maybe you’re not after comfort, but you’re planning to sell your current residential property and invest in a new one then relocate. Interior painting can also work to your advantage. Put yourself in potential buyers’ shoes and you will understand that they look for a great home with remarkable interior design. And since there is an ongoing shift of residential domiciles from traditional homes toward apartments and condo living, it is becoming more important that the interiors of these so called high-end homes in high rise buildings be a contributing factor to its overall glamour.

Regardless of your reasons in repainting interior of your property, read on and see our offered services as one of top rated Toronto Interior Painters in transforming your humble abode into a lovely dwelling place.

House and apartment painting by Professional Toronto Painters

You may have a particular taste or preference when it comes to residential properties, but all requires superb painting to sell or help you sleep at night. General paint projects include the following:

  • Bedroom painting – Make your bedroom extra cozy with quality finishes and colours.
  • Living room painting – Impress your guests with color themes that express your style.
  • Bathroom and washroom painting – Promote cleanliness and luxurious style in this private space.
  • Kitchen painting – Lazy to prepare your meals at home? Transform this space into an ultimate chef-grade kitchen and be more inspired to cook your meals from scratch!

Wallpaper installation and removal

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As the saying goes, change is the only permanent thing in this world. Interior house design highlights these changes as trends result to the importance of wallpaper installation and removal.
Wallpaper installation aids in accenting special rooms minus the use of special finishes and conducting intricate paint work.
Wallpaper removal helps in brightening up a room while giving way to more flexible interior designing.

Kitchen cabinets painting and staining

In addition to kitchen walls, kitchen cabinets provide accent to the food prep area. Free your kitchen from boring colours by staining, repainting, refacing or laminating cabinets, highlighting modern kitchen styles as presented in luxury homes.


Drywall repairs and replacement


Ask any realtor and he or she will state that drywall repair and replacement are the most common projects done in residential properties. Drywall is also called as gypsum board or sheet rock, which is a cost effective way in renovating your house’s interiors in Toronto and the GTA if you choose a real professional interior painting contractor. We help you install and repair these walls to restore your interiors to its glorious, clean and original state.

Remove popcorn and Stucco to Flatten Ceilings

Tired of the dirt-collecting stucco ceiling? Want to increase room size? Let us remove stucco and flatten your ceilings to attain your preferred style.


Stucco repair and painting

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Stucco surfaces receive abuse due to effects of Toronto weather and dirt accumulation. It will eventually be dirty and affect its entire appearance. Have them painted as part of the cleaning process, restoring its beauty as if it’s freshly installed.

Staircase painting and staining

House interior painting includes staining and painting your staircase, which accent and complement your interior’s colour theme.


Carpentry services by Handy Painter Pro


Look no further as Toronto Handyman Painters can do minor carpentry jobs for that additional accent that you want. We’ll install doors and door jams, wainscoting, crown mouldings, and trims for that added appeal.

Faux finishes application

Don’t limit your wall finish options to paint as revolutionary and more economical faux finishes are available for you. These less expensive solutions include ragging, Venetian plaster, cracking, sponging, and many more.

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Professional colour consultation


Coming up with colour themes for interior home painting is simple. The challenge comes in selecting the right colours to use for your theme. Consult our expert Toronto painters for colours that complement each shade, ultimately giving birth to your chosen theme.

Don’t Forget Commercial Establishments in Toronto

While these services are available for residential properties, it’s undeniable that they can be beneficial for commercial spaces’ interiors as well. Promote productivity, organization and customer-attracting appeal to your Toronto business establishment.

Set the difference to your home with professional Toronto interior painting. Our 25 years of experience in this line of business equipped us with expertise that you’ll find beneficial for your property. We’re up for any interior paint job challenge your house can serve.

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Interior decoration

House Interior Painting is just the first part in transforming your home’s interiors. Finish it up minus the stress through our interior decorating service. Inform us with your preferred style and we carry out the daunting job for you.