Tile Installation Service – With expertise ranging from carpentry to wood repairs, our Toronto handyman services team can also take care of your tile installation preferences anywhere in Toronto and the GTA.

We always see question after question from online buddies and prospective clients on this topic yet some of them seem to not get it right. Tile installation can be a DIY (Do-it-Yourself) thing but the level of mastery, execution, installation and after-care is never achievable by someone doing it on his own. That’s why you need professional handymen and expert tile installer to do that for you.


One – they don’t have the know how.

This one’s simple, you contact a trusted name in your locality [you can also compare prices and we can beat competitors with quality! We never give you the lowest bids], consult with your needs about tile installation and we give you sound and expert advice about installing tiles. Your preference, our work!

Two – Large house renovations.

True enough, for bigger homes or those with more than one storeys, laying out tiles all over the vicinity can be tiring to be completed by a single individual. That’s why you need a reliable and professional tile installer team to help you out with that. You remember that saying – two heads are better than one?Well, Handyman Painters Toronto has built a team of licensed professionals, fully bonded with background checks so none of these problems get in your way ever again.

Three – Improving sale-ability.

Let’s all be honest, selling properties in Toronto may not be our forte but we know the ins and outs of what needs to be done in order to make one more pleasing to every single buyer’s eyes. Installing varied tile forms and styles within your floorings [even walls] can get you started over this. Curb appeal is one thing as it makes your home more attractive on the outside – yes first impressions last a good while but don’t you want to make the kill and continue impressing would be buyers with beautifully designed and carefully maintained interiors? Floor or wall tile installation is key and our team can professionally handle this based on your specifications or your real estate agent. We work seamlessly so with anyone and we let you stay involved in the process.

Four – Tiny to big-time repairs.

Not all tile installation projects are for home renovation or selling purposes, sometimes homeowners still live at their current home but their tiles are either chipped away, broken by heavy equipment or has dealt damage over years of use. Regardless of reasons in between, we make sure that for every call you make, we ask you outright what needs to be done so you’ll know transparent fees from the onset.


We bark about our services taking care of every hassle out of your house or bathroom tile installation needs but we need your cooperation too!

As in every project, we will promise you satisfactory results but never will we take you out of the picture and say you don’t have to be here or you can check out the final results once we’re done. You are as welcome as any of our team to have a look at your home tile installing project as we progress from day one and beyond. Be our observer, tell us what additions you need that aren’t in the plans and we’ll do our best to accommodate them.

This will also help you check our handyman service culture and the way we work professionally! Our team share tips along the way too!

Call Handyman Painters Toronto today and grab the opportunity of working with Toronto’s finest handymen repairs and Tile installation team. Our hotline 647-494-5545 is open 24 hours a day. You can also contact us through Brian@PainterPro.ca