10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a House Painting Contractor

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10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a House Painting Contractor

Hiring the Right House Painting-Contractors1Questions your House painting contractor MUST answer.

During the course of hiring a house painting contractor for your house painting project, there are specific questions that are supposed to be asked before giving the painting contract to a painter, in Toronto or anywhere in the world, it can be highly challenging to find a dependable painting contractor who you can rely on, most time it can be very discouraging to find an experienced and qualified painter to depend on, especially if they were never recommended to you by your friends or family relatives, and when coupled with the fact that you have not seen them work before or seen any of the house painter’s work sample, it makes more difficult to find the best painter to handle the project.

At Handyman Painters Toronto, you would be provided with vital questions you need to ask the house painting contractor and which he must provide answers to before you hire him for the house painting contract.

The 10 questions you must ask before hiring a painter are listed:

1) A documented Warranty

Will they as your Toronto house painting contractors give at least a minimum of one year warranty to cover all Insurance Papers pic1 150x150seasons of deterioration?, ensure he answer this question before you hire him for the house painting project.

2) A Clearance Certificate from Workers Safety Insurance Board

Ask if the House painting contractor has Workers Safety Insurance Board (WSIB)? If he doesn’t and he eventually get injured during the house painting process, then you and your house insurance will be liable for this injured worker’s current and future wages as well as medical expenses. So it’s a must you ask this vital question and ensure he has Clearance certificate from WSIB before hiring him for the house painting project

3) Liability Insurance

(Minimum of $1 million liability but preferably $5 million liability insurance)

If an accident occurs during the course of painting the house (i.e. paint spill or damaged property), you will be liable for your own property damage, unless you want to go through the hassle of legal measures which may be time consuming. This is normal to have most especially if the job size is less than the value of what is been damaged.

4) Years in business as a house painting contractor

At least the painter must have a Minimum of 5 years of experience, but preferably over 10 years experience in the house painting business, ask the painter his working years of experience, before you hire him for the house painting job, its important you try ask him about his years of experience so as to know if he is likely to give perfect house painting that is of high standard or not.

5) References

Ensure you ask below listed questions as regard his reference, they are as follow, ask his:
Clients from within the past 1 year or more recent.
Past clients from 3-5 years ago.
Reputable references such as well-known commercial corporations.

6) Criminal Record Checks

Criminal Check1 150x150Would you let strangers into your house, without at least checking them?, remember there is possibility they could be criminals and likely to have criminal records, endevour to check your house painters’ criminal records if they have any, this can be done online through Toronto Police Clearance Checks.
OR better still, ask for their Clearance Badge that all employees suppose to have, ask if they have been checked.

7) Portfolios from previous jobs is also vital question you need to ask the painter

Before & After house painting photos are a great way to see results, ask for it, when you see the works he has done in various houses, condo and apartments, you would be confident that he would do a perfect job for you if you eventually give him the house painting contract.

8) Physical Business Address

A qualified House painting contractor in Toronto and the GTA should have a business address and business card, Ask if the painter has a business address or a business card with a contact phone number on it, if he said “no”, you may need to consider looking for another qualified painter with a business address and business card.

9) Accurate House Painting Project Duration

Ensure the painter gives a duration of completing the house painting project, you need to ask the painter to put it in writing the actual time duration he is likely to complete the house painting contract.

10)  Quality of House Painting Material

Ask what the Quality of materials the painter will be. Painting material quality is veryPaint Cans 1 150x150 important – make sure it is from a reputable paint manufacturer and don’t let him use any substandard paint, remember you will be the one to live in the apartment after the home painting, so its crucial you ask the house painter the paint brand and quality he will use, so as to ensure he never use a substandard paint for your house painting contract.

Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) paints are also recommended or considered for the environment and the health of the household. Especially for interior painting. Knowing about these and other new products demonstrates your painters knowledge of the field and if you give him the job he will surely delivered a quality house painting service to you.

At Handyman Painters Toronto, we can answer all of these questions confidently. If you would like professionals with many years of experience to come and do the job properly for you please give us a call at 647-494-5545 or email Brian@handytoronto.wpengine.com.

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