7 Tips on How to Reduce Your Painting Cost

7Tips 630x200Reducing Painting Cost – With over years of experience in house painting service in Toronto and with interactions we have had with tens of thousands of our clients, we would like to inform you that there are ways to cut down painting cost estimate from your painter. I will be discussing exactly the ways to get a cheaper price quotation from your house painter. They are as follow:

Time Flexibility for House Painting Project

  • Don’t compel your painter to a deadline if you have enough time for him to complete the house paintingTimeFlex project.
  • Give out your house painting contract to your painter in spring or winter seasons. It is likely he charges you less, compare to busy summer season.
  • Sometime due to tight schedule there could be lapses, inability to meet up with deadlines and to make up with the disappointment from your painter. They could give you discount and that could ultimately reduce their painting price quotation.

Helping in Removing the Furniture and Emptying The Room

  • One of the challenges Toronto painters have, before painting a house, is emptying an apartment. Professional Painters appreciate handling house that has already been emptied, if you have already done that you are likely to get cheaper price quotes.
  • Give a helping hand, which is an offer to assist the painter in moving out articles and furniture. If you don’t, the home painter is likely to add it to his house painting cost estimate. So it is advisable that next time you can ask your painters if he would cut down his price quotation when you give him a helping hand in moving out the materials in the room?.
  • Complete dissembling window coverings, emptying the closets, shelves, disconnecting any light plates and electrical outlet sockets by moving them away from the wall, trim and door, also could make the painter in Toronto reduce your painting prices.

Allow Your Painter To Use His Choice Brand For Your Painting Project

  • Due to many years business transaction some professional painters have with top paint manufacturer, it would be nice you allow or ask your painting contractor to choose his choice paint company. So far the paint is of top quality, with this, you are like to get a cheaper price quotes, because they are likely to get a discounted paint price from their paint manufacturer and that will ultimately reflect in the price estimate they give you, which is likely to be a cheaper one.
  • Even if you have a specific colours from a paint manufacturer, don’t worry your painter will give you almost 100% colour-match from their paint manufacturer, remember its their job, so what you are expected to do is to specify the specific colour you want and allow your painter to blend the colour out for you, while using his preferred manufacturer brand paint.

Use Cheques as Your Payment Option

Toronto house painting contractors of high reputation offer different payment options ranging from Visa, MasterCard or postdated cheaques. You can request to pay through cheaque. If you chose to pay in installment by depositing between 10 – 25% , which is a reasonable deposit amount for painting jobs, the painting contractor will see you to be seriously committed to giving him the house painting project.

Get Different Painting Cost Estimate From Different Painters

  • Don’t rely on just one painter’s quote, make enquirers from different painters in Toronto and get their quotations, this will give you the idea of what you are expected to pay and in fact you can use a bargaining idea to get the cheaper price from the various painters, but make sure those painters you are consulting have equal qualification and expertise.
  • Sometimes you may not need to stress yourself consulting different house painting contractors, try out your negotiating idea with the painter you have at hand, by insisting on him giving you discount before you give the project to him, it is likely he will accept, because your painter will not want to lose the house painting contract to a fellow painter.


Yes, it works like magic; let your house paint contractor know that you are likely to recommend him to your family relatives for their house painting job and you definitely do as you have said, you shouldn’t be surprise that your painter will be willing to cut down his painting cost estimate, but make sure you get your painter a lot of referrers because most painter consider that too.

Aforementioned Tips for Reducing Your House Painting Price Fail? BEG!

  • Seriously. Most painters are human, trying to make ends meet like you and I. simply tell him you want the best value for your money, ask for an affordable painting price in order for you to patronize him. for instance you can say, “If you please give me a better price quotation, I will be willing to give you the house painting project today” it will continue to work, just make sure you are polite!, and be sincere that you want a better price quote for your house painting project. As simple as this sounds, it will always work for you, if you apply this tips correctly.
  • Remember the key to any of these tricks is to be polite, be courteous, and to ASK!. There is never anything wrong with asking. Most home painters will be happy to try to help you in any way they can, some more than others. But more importantly than just price, make sure you choose the best painter for the job. Regardless of the price, it makes no sense to pay anyone to do a job that you are not satisfied with, or eventually gives you a substandard quality.

I appreciate the time you have spent reading this, I will be anticipating to give you a free house painting quote, if endeavour to try this Painting cost reducing tip on me.

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