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Toronto Handyman Contractor Hiring Tips

Hire the Best Toronto Handyman Contractor With this All-in-One Guide Sheet

Toronto Handyman Contractor Services – There are just some house repair jobs in Toronto that you should never ever DIY [do it yourself] but in most cases, you hire a Toronto handyman contractor  because you either don’t know much or don’t have a lot of time.scamed 0

But regardless of the main reason why you’ll need the help of tradesmen, there are still percentages of people who fall into traps of hiring the wrong one or worse, SCAMMERS. If only you could talk to people with experience dealing with these types of Toronto Handyman contractors then it would have saved you a lot of time in the first place.

Luckily, there is such a place and we’re compiling the best industry tips you can find if ever you’re in active need of handyman repairs in Toronto and the GTA.

The Right Place to Find the Best Toronto Handyman Contractor Services

If you want quality services, you should know where to find them. A good place to start is your local hardware store. If there’s any place that could have their own handyman group or who has access to local information on go-to guys within your area, it is the hardware store plus they know which contractors are good or bad according to word of mouth.

Speaking of word of mouth, a proven method done since time immemorial is asking for referrals from people you know or nearby neighbors who’ve had experienced hiring handyman services in Toronto and GTA.

In Canada, the umbrella association that holds certifications for most licensed contractors is the Association of Certified Handyman Professionals [ACHP]. Whenever you’re ready to meet Toronto handyman contractor, make sure to ask if they have the proper certifications so you’ll know if they have proper legal backing from the government.

If you live in a condo building or organized community [subdivisions or gated communities or townhouses inProfessional Painting in Lansing 217x300 Toronto], there is probably a community billboard which you can inspect for posts about contractors for all sorts of house repair or renovation problems from simple carpentry repairs to more complex drywall replacements.

But if you’re a bit techie, like many these days, the internet has build a great resource that you can access anytime. Powerful websites such as Angie’s List, Better Business Bureau, HomeStars and even Yelp all offer reviews, rating systems and certifications/awards to outstanding contractors or Toronto handyman companies. Angie’s, and BBB are paid options while HS and Yelp are free to use.

What to Look For When it Comes to Hire a Handyman Contractor?

  • Experience. You might want to consider experience first before anything else. Ask what type of handyman repair services they currently have in their offering and for more complex questions, meet them personally. Interviewing contractors is the best way to find out about their professionalism and mastery of their trade. If you’re already in the planning stage, you may want them to look at it and give necessary comments to help improve execution.
  • Reference. This is good so you can check out their previous jobs but the handyman themselves can be selective of which projects to give you. Better yet, after talking to a referred home or commercial establishment, ask for second degree referral from them and visit it as well.
  • Service Area. If they say they service Toronto and the GTA make sure they carry your place. Common municipalities include Oshawa, North York, Whitby, Caledon, King City, Durham Region, the Beaches and Unionville. If not, it’s never wrong to ask again to clarify things.
  • Documents. Aside from contracts and licenses, insurance and warranty are also other documentary needs that are prerequisite to any handyman project in Toronto. Review all stipulations and never sign anything or green light a project if you don’t understand even a single item under any of these legally binding documents.

What to Avoid?

If there are things to look for, there are things that are common red-flag equivalents of ‘run away’.

  • Down payment. But based on experience, this may not be always true. Usually, things such as gas money or material acquisition is the cause. An advantage of this is that the handy man guy can get access to the right materials that sometimes even come with discounts because they’re in the trade [something not given to normal households]. Disadvantage: if you shell out thousands, they can leave you out without completing the project. Best practice is to always give just 10% [15% is limit] advance.
  • Underbidding. Handyman contractors in Toronto and also in Canada who underbid are, more often than not, just scammers in the lookout. Low bid equal low quality, unlicensed contractors, inexperienced tradesmen and surely, they give you low bids because they have omitted something important such as insurance and WSIB.

Stay Involved in the Progress of Handyman Repair Services

common drywall installation mistakesBut of course, hiring contractors don’t stop after you hired your needed handyman in Toronto. Make sure you stick to your chosen service guy all the way.

You may be asking why you still need to do this when all you want is for this project to get done and over with even with or without your supervision. Wrong. Even if you trust your Toronto contractors, you should allot time into making sure all your plans are put into action.

If new problems arise in the course of work that is not part of the plan, your presence and availability for consultation will be much needed. Also, your chosen Toronto handyman Contractor must be able to rectify any mistakes they’ll make and if not, always maintain good relationship with the second or third choice you had in your queue list before.

We all hope you’ll have the best time looking for the best handyman contractors within the region. Handyman Painters Toronto is one of the finest Toronto Handyman contractor you can find in the GTA. Call us now at 647 494 5545 for free quotes or email