Giving your home a new look whether it is your front porch or just your entry steps is a great home improvement project that doesn’t necessarily require as much time, effort and money as you may think. I recently re-did my front porch, it had that old green astrot

Picking the right exterior porch paint for your own porch can depend on a few things, whether you want to keep it classic, go bold (or go home!), or just update your porch for a simple modern look. f you want to classic and stay true theme, you can try a colour scheme that will hold classy throughout your entire home aesthetic. Of course painting your entire house is not the plan right now, so by choosing a concrete floor colour that is a darker neutral shade and by painting the rest of your porch or entry steps a colour that matches the exterior trim on your house, it will create a smooth flow that doesn’t look over done. Usually, neutral and light shades of paint will look the most flattering when you are trying to create a classic approach to your front porch and/or entry steps. If you are painting your railing as well, pick either a classic white or use the matching colour concrete paint to your railings.

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